Monthly Archives: January 2014

Gift for Him


Flowers, Edible Arrangements, we can go on and on about the gifts guys can buy for females. There are so many gift options for females but not so many for males. Pinterest, a cool app that allows you to be a bit more creative. Quite often, ladies are thinking about what a man can do for them but its also important to do things for men. The picture above is a sweet and inexpensive gift that can be given on a birthday, anniversary, or just because. Buy 50 pieces of his favorite candy, place in a jar, and write on the bottom of each candy a reason why you love him. Such a thoughtful gift he’ll always remember!!


Random Romantic Moments


Romance, something used very often in the beginning of most relationships and usually dulls down after a while. We all have to remember what you did to get that person should be same to keep him or her. The lack of romance can affect your emotional intimacy and sex life. After 9 years, we both keep the romance going. For a successful relationship romance is vital. Here are a few inexpensive ways to keep romance alive!

1. After a long day of work, it’s always great to come home to soft music, candlelights, and a home cooked meal. It’s the little things that mean so much!

2.Writing your partner sweet or sexy notes and leave them in his or her car, on the mirror, or in a lunch bag.

3. Suprise your partner with a romantic night out. You both can go to a nice restaurant or spice it up with something different such as Salsa night (dance lessons) or a live play. You know what your partner likes so choose something he or she would enjoy.

4. Attention, sounds crazy huh? Put down your phone and other electronic devices and give your partner 100% of your attention. Communication is vital and asking your partner what he or she wants to talk about will make your partner feel loved and important.

Romance is contagious, when you create romance your partner will do the same in return if he or she truly loves you. Consistency is key, make time to do at least one romantic thing with your partner per week.

Sleeping Separately


We are not saying it’s wrong to sleep in separate rooms each night but we wouldn’t encourage it. Sleeping in separate rooms is a disconnect. Some couples may sleep in separate rooms for something as minor as the television being on or off. Whatever reason people have for not sleeping together has to be less than the desire of just wanting that person next to you. When we get mad at one another and one of us attempts to sleep on couch, we never go through with it the whole night. Anytime u have to be close to your significant other you should use it, in most households both people work which means they are already separated so that time together each night is needed.

Every couples situation is different. Some couples may sleep in different rooms due to snoring or very bad sweating. If sleeping with that person does more harm than good then we would recommend finding time to connect early in the mornings before work. You can also spend quality time together before going to bed.  Use your time wisely with your partner and be creative before and after sleep. It’s all about what makes BOTH of you happy and making the most out of quality time.

Love vs In Love


Love like any other thing in this world has to be maintained. The moment u stop investing in your relationship the moment decay starts to tear away what u have built. Love is a daily investment, the more u invest in love, the more decay it will take to diminish what u have.You can love many times, love is a choice, but being in love only happens once or twice in a lifetime. When you love you are in control, but when you are ‘in love’ you feel like it is bigger than you are. When you are ‘in love’ you love that person through the good and bad. Falling in love is built my memories and moments that create a foundation, it is not something that just happens overnight.

Are you in love with love? Many people are in love with love and not the person. Are you in a relationship due to the fear of loneliness because you feel that a piece of love is better than no love at all? Don’t allow anyone to fill your emotional void, sometimes the misuse of love can do more harm than no love at all. Giving your heart to the wrong person can hinder you from loving a worthy person in the future. Sometimes we let our present state of loneliness cripple the future that God has planned for us.

Love vs in love, don’t let your infatuation with a person confuse you with being in love with a person. These steps are meant to be gradual, so often we want to take matters into our own hands versus allowing time to take its course.