Sleeping Separately


We are not saying it’s wrong to sleep in separate rooms each night but we wouldn’t encourage it. Sleeping in separate rooms is a disconnect. Some couples may sleep in separate rooms for something as minor as the television being on or off. Whatever reason people have for not sleeping together has to be less than the desire of just wanting that person next to you. When we get mad at one another and one of us attempts to sleep on couch, we never go through with it the whole night. Anytime u have to be close to your significant other you should use it, in most households both people work which means they are already separated so that time together each night is needed.

Every couples situation is different. Some couples may sleep in different rooms due to snoring or very bad sweating. If sleeping with that person does more harm than good then we would recommend finding time to connect early in the mornings before work. You can also spend quality time together before going to bed.  Use your time wisely with your partner and be creative before and after sleep. It’s all about what makes BOTH of you happy and making the most out of quality time.


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2 thoughts on “Sleeping Separately

  1. AMoo9217 02/02/2014 at 3:47 pm Reply

    That’s so true. Sleeping separate can cause dysfunction in a marriage, especially if they are sleeping separate because there’s a child or children sleeping in the bed with the mother. This could make the husband feel neglected and left out, thus causing more problems within the relationship.

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