The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child


When we think of gifts, we often think of things we can buy. Of course, toys or games are gifts your child will love and enjoy but there are gifts that are more unforgettable and meaningful. The gifts that truly impact a child’s life are not for sale, these things are free!

Time, love, and care are three cherished gifts to give to your child. They fit within your budget and should be given at any and all times of the year. With our first born baby on the way, we are constantly discussing parenting and the importance of it. One of the books we have begin to read is “Raising Kingdom Kids” by pastor Tony Evans. We strongly recommend this book, it is a great resource for parents. In only one week, I’ll begin my third trimester! I’ve had so many thoughts, concerns, and questions that have and are still running across my mind regarding parenting. We also found out we are having a girl! Her name is Lillian Jane Horn and words can’t describe our excitement! She’s on the move on a daily basis, has hiccups, and recognizes our voices! It’s so amazing when she kicks while we are talking to her!

The excitement of our first born child and parenting raises many thoughts for us and many others. Every parent should want the best for their child. In today’s society, we focus more on expensive gift-giving and things we can’t afford instead of the things that actually matter. These gifts don’t have to be unwrapped, are the most significant and valuable to children, and gifts only parents can give.

The greatest gift of time is interminable and valuable. Often while spending time with loved ones in our life, we are present but yet absent. Time is wasted when two or more people are together and their interest is elsewhere. There’s so many learning activities to bond with your child and enhance their development, reading assignments to study the bible and build healthy habits of praying throughout the day, family games, and so many other things that allow parents to spend quality time with their child or children.

As parents, we need to allow God to lead us so that we can properly lead our children. The gifts of a relationship with God, time, love, care, and communication come with no price tag. Through months of planning and preparing for our baby, we must not forget the most precious gift of all. We encourage everyone to not lose sight of the the things that really matter to your children. With the holidays near, remember that the most important gifts for your child are not on the shelves at a department store but are from you!


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